AVOID 1: India’s 2050 low-carbon pathways workshop outcomes

The AVOID 1 programme has produced several studies on the basis for, and implications of, a range of climate targets, and potentially dangerous regional impacts and feasible emissions reductions more generally. As part of analysing the third question on the feasibility of pathways, the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London, in partnership with University College London’s Energy Institute, undertook a study in 2012 to examine India’s potential low-carbon energy system transition to 2050. The Grantham Institute and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) of India subsequently co-hosted a workshop in New Delhi on 10th June 2013, attended by about 50 people representing businesses, NGOs, academic institutes and government. The workshop was used to present different research groups’ analysis on long-term low-carbon pathways in India, and to draw out key issues for future research. All material from the workshop, including background reading, presentations and a note of the discussions, has been made available online and disseminated to attendees. This short note summarises the main presentation and discussion points, and proposed research directions that follow from these.

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