Paul van der Linden

Paul van der Linden is a Science Manager and researcher at the UK Met Office Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research where he has worked since 1993. Paul’s expertise is in managing multi-year, multi-partner, high value research programmes for national and international organisations. This includes managing the AVOID2 programme which is a research consortium led by the Met Office and funded by DECC and Defra to provide policy-relevant science on avoiding dangerous climate change. Paul also manages the Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG), part of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative, converting 30+ years of satellite observations in to gridded climate datasets, this a research consortium of seven partners and runs until 2017. He is also a WP leader on the CHARMe FP7 project, which is creating an online tool for anotating datasets with commentary metadata, and a WP Leader in the ETC project, providing information about climate change, impacts and adaptation to the European Environment Agency. He sometimes finds the time to do some science research.