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AVOID 1: Key findings

June 24, 2014
The information in this brochure is a summary of the results from phase 1 of the the AVOIDing Dangerous Climate Change research programme.

A UK Government-funded initiative, the ground-breaking AVOID research programme has helped to put the latest scientific knowledge about dangerous climate change […]


AVOID 1: Modeling the Role of Remaining Tropical Forests in Climate Change Mitigation

September 17, 2013

At the time this study was carried out, land use change (LUC) resulting from deforestation and other smaller sources contributed ~17% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, whilst more recently (29) the deforestation component alone has been estimated to contribution 11% of the global total.. SRES baselines assume […]


AVOID 1: India’s 2050 low-carbon pathways workshop outcomes

August 13, 2013

The AVOID 1 programme has produced several studies on the basis for, and implications of, a range of climate targets, and potentially dangerous regional impacts and feasible emissions reductions more generally. As part of analysing the third question on the feasibility of pathways, the Grantham Institute at Imperial […]

AVOID 1: Final symposium report

May 20, 2013

The AVOID symposium was an event marking the finale of the first phase of the AVOIDing dangerous climate change research programme. Since 2009, 120-or-so scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre, Grantham Institute, Tyndall Centre, Walker Institute and elsewhere conducted scientific research to address the policy […]

AVOID 1: Emissions pathways to limit climate change

December 14, 2012

Global greenhouse gas emissions are rising, but they need to start to fall and reduce to a substantially lower level if we are to limit global temperature rise in this century. This note shows results of a scientific study into how soon emissions need to start falling, how […]

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