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AVOID 1: Providing key advice to UK Government on avoiding dangerous climate change – Pre-CoP update 2012

A presentation on findings from the AVOID 1 programme with relevance for the CoP 18 conference, including:

An update on historical emissions
Relating emissions to temperature targets
Feasibility of emissions reductions
Impacts of climate change at 2°C and above
Coming soon from AVOID […]

AVOID 1 Poster

AVOID 1: Final results poster

A poster presenting AVOID 1 results on avoiding dangerous climate change through mitigation, presented at the Planet Under Pressure conference, London, March 2012 […]

AVOID 1: Are Copenhagen Accord pledges compatible with a 2 °C warming limit?

A presentation by Jason Lowe and Laila Gohar.

Key findings

Without further reductions the 2020 pledges will not keep warming below 2°C
Limiting 21st century warming to 2°C can be done in several ways:
—-Annex 1 reduction of 80% on 1990 levels by 2050 and non […]

AVOID 1: First year results

A presentation on the results from the first year of the AVOID 1 programme […]

AVOID 1: AVOID results for a pre-COP-16 briefing at Cancun

A summary of the AVOID programme and relevant findings for the C0P 16 conference.

Key points:

There is uncertainty in the size of the 2020 emission pledges.
For the most optimistic interpretation (around 48-49 GtCO2e) it is just about possible to limit warming to <2°C […]