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AVOID 1: The significance of the signal of the impacts of climate change over the near term

December 3, 2012

Most climate change impact assessments have focused on impacts in the middle of the 21st century or later. This study examines the potential impacts of underlying climate change to 2030, in order to identify the magnitude and location of the near-term consequences of climate change.

The magnitude […]


AVOID 1: Global-scale impacts of climate change at different levels of forcing

November 23, 2012

This report describes the global and regional results of research on the physical impacts of climate change conducted under Work Stream 1, Deliverable 3 of the AVOID programme. It examines the climate change impacts under the four IPCC RCP scenarios (RCPs 2.6, 4.5, 6.0 and […]


AVOID 1: India’s CO2 emissions pathway to 2050

October 30, 2012

Two low-carbon scenarios are considered in this study – the first with no specific technology limitations, and the second with a number of restrictions, the most important being that no carbon capture and storage (CCS) is allowed to be deployed, gas imports are limited, and biomass usage in […]


AVOID 1: A taxonomy of countries’ mitigation strategies

October 23, 2012

This analysis considers 20 variables covering social, economic, technology and natural resource factors deemed to be relevant to mitigation for a set of over 100 countries. Of these, the analysis shows that the most important factors are GDP per capita levels and growth rates, the manufacturing share of […]

AVOID 1: Providing key advice to UK Government on avoiding dangerous climate change – Pre-CoP update 2012

A presentation on findings from the AVOID 1 programme with relevance for the CoP 18 conference, including:

An update on historical emissions
Relating emissions to temperature targets
Feasibility of emissions reductions
Impacts of climate change at 2°C and above
Coming soon from AVOID […]