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The impacts of climate change avoided by future reductions in emissions as defined in the Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions (B2c)

This report presents an assessment of the global and regional impacts of climate change under climate scenarios based on the Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions (INDCs) declared by parties to the UNFCCC as of early November 2015 and as interpreted by DECC.

The estimated total emissions in 2030 are […]

What are climate ‘tipping points’ and how likely are they? (Policy card A5)

Evidence from ice core and sediment records shows that in the past, Earth’s climate has reached critical thresholds, triggering abrupt and rapid change. Whilst the reasons behind such ‘tipping points’ are not always clear, evidence from climate models shows that they could be reached again as the […]

What future global impacts on people could be avoided by limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees? Policy card B2b

Without rapid and sustained greenhouse gas emissions reductions, the effects that the climate has on global society will be increasingly felt and could in some cases intensify by the end of the century. The AVOID 2 research programme has modelled how climate change will affect people across the […]

Field of wheat

Literature review and synthesis of recent climate change impacts research (B1b)

This report presents an assessment of the evidence on the global and regional impacts of climate change that was presented in AR5 together with research that has been published subsequently. It draws together results from several independent studies across a number of sectors, and seeks to present them […]

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