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AVOID 2 feasibility infographic

Infographic: What will it take to achieve 2°C?

Delaying action will increase the costs of mitigation and require us to introduce new technologies faster […]

INDCs infographic

Infographic: The INDCs and climate impacts

Find out how an ambitious agreement in Paris will limit the severity of key climate impacts […]

Exploring the feasibility of low-carbon scenarios using historical energy transitions analysis (C3)

This study analyses the dynamics pf previous energy transitions with a view to applying these insights to assess the feasibility of low-carbon scenarios produced by a global energy systems model (the Grantham Institute’s TIMES Integrated Assessment Model, TIAM-Grantham).

The study first reviews recent literature investigating […]

How plausible is a rapid global increase in the deployment of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)? Policy Card D1a D1b

Most future scenarios of the energy systems needed to avoid dangerous climate change involve the removal of atmospheric carbon dioxide later this century (referred to as a ‘negative emissions’ technology). BECCS is currently the only technology with the potential to remove carbon from the atmosphere at a global […]

How can Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) contribute to meeting 2 degrees? Policy card D2a

Most computer modelled scenarios that limit global warming to below 2°C rely on some amount of CO2 removal from the atmosphere later this century.1 BECCS is a process that has the potential to remove carbon from the atmosphere. If deployed at large-scale it could result […]

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