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COP 20 policy cards

December 12, 2014

A series of climate change policy cards produced to coincide with COP 20 in Lima, which provide up-to-date evidence for policy questions in this area.

The long term temperature goal of the UNFCCC aims to limit global average warming above pre-industrial levels to no more […]


European Commission Road to Lima workshop, Brussels

November 19, 2014

by Jason Lowe (AVOID 2 Chief Scientist) and Ajay Gambhir (AVOID Lead Scientist on rates of decarbonisation)  

On Tuesday 18th November we participated in a workshop convened by the European Commission’s DG Climate Action division, to discuss the latest research and emerging results on global […]

Future temperature responses based on IPCC and other existing emissions scenarios (A1)

This study re-analysed emissions data produced for the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. It presents the spread in emissions from this dataset at 2020, 2030 and 2050 compatible with warming limits of 1.5 °C up to 4 °C. Confidence is provided in the modelling system by comparison […]

Review of existing emissions pathways and evaluation of decarbonisation rates (C1)

Achieving deep reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is required to limit the risks we face from climate change.  This assessment presents an overview of recent studies examining GHG emission pathways that are compatible with limiting average global temperature rise to levels close to 2°C or at […]

AVOID 1: Key findings

June 24, 2014
The information in this brochure is a summary of the results from phase 1 of the the AVOIDing Dangerous Climate Change research programme.

A UK Government-funded initiative, the ground-breaking AVOID research programme has helped to put the latest scientific knowledge about dangerous climate change […]

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