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AVOID 1: The implications of climate policy for avoided impacts on water and food security

January 28, 2010

This project has assessed the impacts of climate change avoided by a set of climate policies, focusing on water resources stress, crop production and undernourishment.

Climate change has the potential to increase water resources stresses for many millions of people. The climate policies evaluated here reduce the effects […]

AVOID 1: The economics and climate change impacts of various greenhouse gas emission pathways and a comparison between base line and policy emissions scenarios

January 22, 2010

Deliverable 1 of AVOID-WS1 produced emission scenarios that represented possible future global emission pathways for greenhouse gases during the 21st century. This was detailed in a simple fashion by varying three parameters: the year in which emissions peak globally, the rate of emission reduction (R), and the […]

AVOID 1: Impacts across the global scale

A presentation given by Nigel Arnell on 20 January 2010, covering:

Methodologies: estimating impacts across the global scale
The relationship between climate forcing and impact
Trajectories of impact through the 21st century
Effect of future socio-economic conditions on future impacts […]

AVOID 1: Review of advanced Carbon Capture technologies

January 14, 2010

This report reviews carbon dioxide (CO2) capture technologies, including those that might come online in the 2020s. It describes the types of technology being developed and how efficiency will increase with development. It also describes the potential for synergies between CO2 capture systems and heavy emitting industry.

Two […]

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