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AVOID 1: Results of impact modelling

A presentation covering key findings from AVOID impact modelling,  presented at COP-15 […]

AVOID 1: Can we avoid dangerous impacts?

December 14, 2009

Key findings

Stringent mitigation action to limit warming to 2˚C avoids a large amount of the climate impacts that would otherwise occur in the 21st century. However, since even this stringent action will not avoid all climate change impacts, significant damage or adaptation costs will […]


AVOID 1: Can we limit warming to 2 °C?

December 5, 2009

Key findings

AVOID has shown that limiting global warming to 2°C is possible but challenging. Early global action increases our chances of remaining below this level.
There is some flexibility in the year of peak emissions (between 2014 and 2020). However, a later peak year […]

AVOID 1: Mitigation scenarios of ocean acidification using simple and complex models

October 29, 2009

Ocean acidification as a result of absorption of CO2 from the atmosphere is believed to have potentially detrimental impacts on ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, affecting both its productivity and its ability to act as a “buffer” to climate change.

A combination of simple and complex […]

AVOID 1: Report on costs of different paths towards a low carbon world

October 9, 2009

This report describes running nine AVOID emissions scenarios through the WITCH economic model, the results of which are that:

temperature stabilization compatible with the targets of the European Union and the G8 might have important economic repercussions. The costs of such policies depend on when the transaction to […]

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