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Mitigation policy cards

July 6, 2015

A series of  policy cards providing up-to-date evidence for policy questions relating to climate change mitigation.

Achieving emissions consistent with a 50% chance of remaining below 2°C by 2100 will require large changes in the energy system over the 21st century, including increased use of […]

Exploring climate impacts at high latitudes – An AVOID 2 workshop in Russia

March 19, 2015

Representatives from the AVOID 2 programme had a very successful meeting with colleagues from Roshydromet, the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, in Russia on 19 March to discuss the risks, impacts and costs associated with climate change, together with the options for adaptation and mitigation […]

An updated view of tipping points and the relevance for long-term climate goals (A5)

While some aspects of climate change can be viewed as becoming proportionately larger with increasing forcings, other aspects may feature more complex, nonlinear behaviour. This can include abrupt and/or irreversible change, which may be associated with key thresholds. Such behaviour must be considered differently in assessments of […]

Post-IPCC assessment of climate impacts using existing scenarios – advances in understanding (B1a)

This review summarises the available literature on the impacts of climate change at different levels of climate forcing. It builds on the literature summarised in AR5 WG2 (IPCC 2014a) and includes studies published since. It focuses on studies which have explicitly compared impacts at different levels of climate […]

Lima sunset

COP 20 – another few steps along the road

December 18, 2014

by Jason Lowe (AVOID 2 Chief Scientist)

As the sun sets on another COP it is useful to reflect on the scientific evidence that will be needed to inform decisions in the lead up to the Paris COP in 2015, when the world is aiming for […]

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