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AVOID 1: Implications of technological development and regional climate damage costs for international climate policy

May 23, 2012

We attempt a first analysis of the dynamics of the current international climate negotiations in terms of a novel stylised model of economic growth that balances short‐term economic wellbeing against the disutility of climate change in the longer‐term.  As a first approximation, we see that countries […]


AVOID 1: The economic costs of mitigation: Results from Year 1 of the AVOID programme

August 9, 2010

This report describes the results of the economic costs of mitigation from research conducted in the first year of the AVOID programme. It should be read along with the AVOID reports Costs of different paths toward a low carbon world (AV/WS2/D1/R4).

Key outcomes / non-technical […]

AVOID 1: Report on costs of different paths towards a low carbon world

October 9, 2009

This report describes running nine AVOID emissions scenarios through the WITCH economic model, the results of which are that:

temperature stabilization compatible with the targets of the European Union and the G8 might have important economic repercussions. The costs of such policies depend on when the transaction to […]