AVOID 1: AVOID UK-USA Workshop on Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change


AVOID 1: AVOID UK-USA Workshop on Avoiding Dangerous Climate Change

14-16 September 2010 

American Geophysical Union (AGU), Washington DC


The UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Science and Innovation Network, and the US National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) jointly hosted a successful US and UK collaborative workshop as part of the DECC/Defra funded AVOID programme. This workshop brought together more than fifty US and UK researchers from across climate science, impacts research, socio-economics, policy, and technology development; and aimed to share and compare the latest policy relevant scientific research on avoiding dangerous climate change.


Please check with the author before reproducing any part of these presentations.


Programme (PDF, Size – 194K)

Workshop Final Report

Washington Workshop Final Report (PDF, 871 kB)

Day 1, Opening: Tuesday 14 September

Presenter Name Presentation Title Presentation
Christine McEntee (AGU) Welcome Address Unavailable
May Akrawi (FCO) UK-US Collaboration Climate Science AVOID_Akrawi.pdf (PDF, 288 kB)
Jason Lowe (MOHC) Workshop aims & background AVOID_Lowe.pdf (PDF, 458 kB)

Keynote Talks

Presenter Name Presentation Title Presentation
Steve Seidel (Pew Center) Recent Developments in the United States:  Our Changing Climate Unavailable
David Warrilow (DECC) UK Policy Context Unavailable
John Mitchell (Met Office) A short history of policy relevant climate research in the UK AVOID_Mitchell.pdf (PDF, 1012 kB)
Rachel Warren (Tyndall Centre, University of East Anglia) The AVOID programme Unavailable
Vicki Arroyo (GLCC) US Policy on dangerous climate change Unavailable

Science Talks

Presenter Name Presentation Title Presentation
David Lawrence (NCAR) Climate change uncertainty due to unrepresented processes in Earth System Models: The permafrost story AVOID_Lawrence.pdf(PDF, 5 MB)
Dan Bernie (MOHC) Review of post AR4 climate science for the CCC AVOID_Bernie.pdf(PDF, 1019 kB)
Steve Smith (Committee on Climate Change, UK) Dangerous climate change: a CCC perspective AVOID_Smith.pdf (PDF, 857 kB)
Joel Smith (Status Consulting) What Makes for a Dangerous Climate: Thoughts on Categories and Scales Based on IPCC AVOID_JSmith.pdf (PDF, 2 MB)
Allison Thomson (Joint Global Change Research Institute) Climate Mitigation, Agriculture and Land Use: Results from Integrated Assessment Models AVOID_Thomson.pdf(PDF, 1 MB)
John Caesar (MOHC) Results from the AVOID programme: Future climate extremes under an aggressive mitigation scenario AVOID_Caesar.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)
Tom Osborne (Walker Institute, Reading) Results from the AVOID programme: climate change impacts on crop productivity and food security Unavailable
Simon Gosling (Walker Institute, Reading) Results from the AVOID programme: climate change impacts on water security and human health Unavailable
Patricia Romero-Lankao (NCAR) Challenges and Implications of Building Response Capacity in Urban Centers Unavailable
Olga Wilhelmi (NCAR) Societal health risk, vulnerability and adaptive capacity to extreme heat Unavailable
Ben DeAngelo (EPA) Use of Greenhouse Gas Data and Climate Change Science for EPA‘s Endangerment Finding AVOID_DeAngelo.pdf(PDF, 141 kB)

Day 2: Wednesday 15 September

Presenter Name Presentation Title Presentation
Myles Allen (University of Oxford). Cumulative emission budgets and their implications AVOID_Allen.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)
Simon Buckle (Grantham Institute, Imperial College London) Climate mitigation: sustainable preferences and cumulative carbon AVOID_Buckle.pdf(PDF, 392 kB)
Brian O’Neill (NCAR) Linking long-term climate change goals to shorter-term actions: near-term and long-term emissions targets Unavailable
Nicola Ranger (London School of Economics) The Costs of Mitigating Climate Change: some results from the AVOID programme AVOID_Ranger.pdf(PDF, 661 kB)
Paul Fennel (Grantham Institute, Imperial College). Carbon Capture and CO2 Negative Technologies AVOID_Fennel.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)

Day 3, Policy Briefing: Thursday 16 September

Presenter Name Presentation Title Presentation
Peter Backlund Introduction & Summary AVOID_Briefing_Intro.pdf (PDF, 161 kB)
Jason Lowe, Rachel Warren, Simon Buckle AVOID Programme Results AVOID_Briefing_UK_Team.pdf (PDF, 1 MB)
Brian O’Neill Unavailable Unavailable
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