AVOID 1: Final symposium report

AVOID 1: Final symposium report

May 20, 2013

The AVOID symposium was an event marking the finale of the first phase of the AVOIDing dangerous climate change research programme. Since 2009, 120-or-so scientists from the Met Office Hadley Centre, Grantham Institute, Tyndall Centre, Walker Institute and elsewhere conducted scientific research to address the policy relevant questions:

· What levels of climate change are potentially dangerous?
· What emissions pathways will avoid “dangerous” climate change?
· What is the technical and economic feasibility of such pathways?

The programme featured key note addresses from the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change the Rt. Hon Edward Davey and the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir John Beddington who set the context of climate change science and policy. Four AVOID programme four science leaders gave a presentation summarising the key scientific results from the programme, drawn from some of the 26 published papers and 50 or so technical reports (available at www.metoffice.gov.uk/avoid/resourcesresearchers).

An overview of the programme and some scientific results were presented in a four-page symposium flyer (available at http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/media/pdf/r/a/Symposium_flyer.pdf). The main session concluded with a panel discussion on the future prospects for international climate negotiations, UK climate policy and climate science. Participants were then able to join a networking reception where the DECC 2050 pathways calculator was demonstrated. The programme is given in Appendix 3.

This ‘closing event’ enabled the programme team to present key results reflecting the cutting edge of current climate change research to policymakers and the academic community. It also allowed a discussion of the status of science and climate negotiations, and future potential directions for subsequent research.

Communication of climate science with the public and policy makers was a thread that ran through the event. The AVOID programme will produce further journal papers in the coming months. It will also create a ‘High Level Results’ report, reflecting on this event and across the whole research programme.

The event programme, presentations and scientific results flyer are all available at www.metoffice.gov.uk/avoid/news

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