Erica Thompson

Dr Erica Thompson is a Research Officer at LSE’s Centre for the Analysis of Time Series, where she works on understanding and quantifying uncertainty in climate projections, and the design of climate model experiments for decision-relevance.  Erica is the Knowledge Integrator for AVOID2 and will be working to make sure that emerging results from AVOID and other UK science programmes are efficiently linked up with the schedule and priorities of policymakers.  She has a long-standing interest in science communication at all levels, from “science busking” during vacation work at the Glasgow Science Centre some years ago to organising a NERC-funded Advanced Training course on Understanding Uncertainty in Environmental Modelling (link) in 2014-15.  She is currently also working with DECC on the Global Calculator project, an online open-source web tool where people can explore the impacts of different social and technological pathways to 2050.  Erica has a PhD from Imperial College on statistical and dynamical modelling of North Atlantic storms.

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