UNFCCC climate negotiations: reflections from the Rhine

I spent a few days at the recent Bonn climate change conference (4-15 June) during the High Level Ministerial events on 5-6 June.  Not that these were the most interesting things happening there. Unsurprisingly, by and large, Ministers did not stray from well rehearsed positions, reflecting the continued skirmishing over the interpretation of the UN Framework … Read more

Exploring climate impacts at high latitudes – An AVOID 2 workshop in Russia

Representatives from the AVOID 2 programme had a very successful meeting with colleagues from Roshydromet, the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring, in Russia on 19 March to discuss the risks, impacts and costs associated with climate change, together with the options for adaptation and mitigation. The workshop, hosted by the UK Embassy … Read more

European Commission Road to Lima workshop, Brussels

On Tuesday 18th November we participated in a workshop convened by the European Commission’s DG Climate Action division, to discuss the latest research and emerging results on global and regional mitigation policies and pathways, and how these can contribute to the UNFCCC negotiations process. We and other research colleagues presented and discussed new studies that build … Read more

Climate change: assessing the risks

by Dan Bernie, Met Office In late 2014 AVOID 2 was asked to perform some calculations for a project on risk for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK Government. These looked at the future temperature response and the impact of additional earth system processes, such as permafrost thawing. Earlier this year I joined … Read more

Work Package A: Emission scenarios and climate change

Understanding the link between emissions pathway and climate response for a range of temperature limits. Summary The main human influence on the climate comes from the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. The global debate on mitigation of climate change focuses on the level of … Read more

COP 20 – another few steps along the road

COP 20 – another few steps along the road As the sun sets on another COP it is useful to reflect on the scientific evidence that will be needed to inform decisions in the lead up to the Paris COP in 2015, when the world is aiming for a global agreement on greenhouse gas emissions … Read more