Investigation of overshooting in the AVOID 2 INDC climate pathways (A3)

Recent developments in climate policy have led to the provision of a range of voluntary emission pledges from nations around the world (known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions or INDCs) as part of the UNFCCC CoP process. These pledges are typically for emissions levels in year 2030 and […]

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Shaping the next breakthrough in climate science: Research priorities in 2016 and beyond

May 11, 2016
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The COP21 proceedings in December 2015 and subsequent Paris Agreement signalled the beginning of a new phase of action on climate change. Policymakers, business and academia now have an important role to work together to address the identified gaps in our knowledge, to understand the options and develop […]

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Regionalisation of scenarios at new forcing levels (A4)

This study has three purposes:

The first is to confirm the suitability of the simple climate model used within AVOID. We find that our simple model approach does provide a robust replication of more complex climate models. This provides added confidence for other AVOID 2 climate simulations.
The […]

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Identifying and exploring key commodity chains at risk from climate impacts (F2)

Globally, agricultural production is expected to increase in response to population and economic growth, and changes in consumption patterns . However, this growth will have to take place against a backdrop of changing conditions driven by climate change, which presents both potential risks (in terms of supply disruptions or […]

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