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Battle royale games are pretty famous these days due to the challenges and interactiveness that every player gets to feel while playing these games. Fortnite Apk, BGMi, Free fire, etc., are some of the most installed games in the Google play store.

Every battle royale has a bunch of players who are dumped in a zone or map where they have to fight and survive till the end. The last man standing becomes the winner of the battle royale. Out of all, Fortnite is the oldest and most famous game in the action genre. It was only available for PCs, Playstations and Xbox, but now you can get the same experience on your smartphone.

What is Fortnite Apk (Battle royale)?

Fortnite is a battle royale game which highly popular among gaming lovers. There are many modes, maps, characters and weapons available in Fortnite apk. Having diverse and customisable modes makes Fortnite unique and different from other battle royale apps. Modes like Save the world, where you or your team struggles with zombie attacks or Zero build mode, where you cannot build anything, just survive with weapons.

In Creative mode, you as an individual can create your own map using your imagination. You can build it with your friends or enter it in other players map. You can also destroy your enemy’s creation in this mode. Besides this, there are weekly and monthly battle seasons where you can earn more points and raise your rank.

Features of Fortnite APK:

Fortnite Apk has tons of features, discover some of them below!

High-end graphics

Graphics of Fortnite have evolved over time with new upgrades. You can compare its first version with the current one and see the High-quality graphics in recent ones. If your game doesn’t have good graphics, that means you might have set a low frame rate. A low frame rate might decrease loading time but lacks high-end graphics.

Battle royale gameplay

Fortnite Battle Royale has 100 players who fight off each other to come victorious. You can also play as a Solo, Duo, Trio, and up to a squad of 4 players. Send signals to your team or chat with them to interact on live games.

In battle royale, you’ll have to be inside the safe zone, or else your health will deteriorate. Fortnite’s battle royale was the inspiration for all new games like Pubg and free fire.

Diverse weapons and maps

Find huge variety of weapons in the latest version of Fortnite. Pistols, Sniper rifles, Shotguns, Machine guns, Meele,Explosives, etc types of weapons you can get in Fortnite. In battle royale you have to find these weapons in your own.

You can easily find common weapons but rare weapons are very hard to find. There are custom made maps as well as Fortnite’s own maps where you can get the high rush of battle royale in your fingertips.

Customisable characters

Choose from 50+ amazing characters and modify your character by giving them different looks. Get Paid and free skins for your players and change their apparel. Every character has their strengths and weakness. So choose your character according to the need of your Fortnite mode.

Free to Play

Fortnite apk is free to download and install. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary ads between your gameplay. Indeed they have In-app purchases, but they never distract you while playing Fortnite. Just install this app from our website and start playing your favourite game Fortnite without any restriction.


Fortnite apk is highly addictive and entertaining as you will find lots of modes and features in it which you can find nowhere else. Participate in weekly and monthly events and enjoy the world of fortnite with multiplayer mode. Download the latest version of Fortnite Apk from the link above for free!

5 / 5. Vote count: 1

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