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Hamraaz Army App: Let me first salute indian army in appreciation and salute those people who give away their lives and don’t care about themselves when it comes to the nation. I am talking about our dear army men and other people from the army because the app that is present in this article represents that strong community due to the rules mentioned and everything. So if you are searching for a Hamraaz army app download or Hamraaz army app free download, then this is the perfect article for you as I have mentioned everything with respect to that app in this article. 

The app version which is available online for you on this website is the Hamraaz army app free download version because this version does not have any type of payment charges and people who charge you for this app are deceiving you. If you are an Apple user or you have a Microsoft themed windows phone then I am sorry to say that the app does not work in the same way and you need to have an Android version because that is the only option which is the Hamraaz army app for Android download available for you. You need to download the Hamraaz army app v7.1 to make sure that you are using the updated version and not the prior versions that are outdated. 

So if you want the Hamraaz army APK file then you need to download the app which is given inside the link below or from the official website and then follow all the instructions that are given below so that you would not experience any trouble with respect to this app and that your user experience goes very smoothly. Make sure that you have the Hamraaz v7.1 download APK file because it would be the only version that would be working because other versions have been shut down and if you have a question as to how to use the Hamraaz army app then the answer is really simple which is that you need to actually train yourself within the app and check for everything and realise it yourself rather than relying on your superior’s order or anything like that. 

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Some amazing features of the Hamraaz army app

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Since the app is made for the army then it does have a similar feature and it is used basically for communication. However, there are a lot of things that can be said about this app that have so many features! The features are listed below in points. These points are as follows:-

No civilian interference

Even on the official website it is clearly stated that no civilian should use this app and the app is not made for normal citizens but it has been only developed for the purpose of the army and for army men. That’s why no civilian should be there inside the app and if you find anyone you can report the same. Also, the app only opens once the registration is done and you need to be a working member of the Indian army to make the registration possible. This has been done to take counter-measures against piracy and phishing so that only members of the Indian army can log in and access information related to the same. 

Monthly Pay And Salary Slip

Being a member of the Indian army you must know how difficult it is to get your monthly pay and salary slip because of the fact that you travel a lot and it is difficult to access the slip as well as to contact your superiors. This might be the biggest problem in the army because the monthly pay and the salary slip is very difficult to obtain and there are always consequences. The Indian government has taken many initiatives to counter the same, but there are always pros and cons with respect to the initiative. However, this might be the perfect solution for you because in this app you might get all your monthly payments and salary slips simultaneously in one go. 

Individual specific messages:-

Now, we all know about the hundreds and thousands of different subunits and segregations in the army and it won’t be a new thing to inform you about this. It is very easy for the messages to get mixed and you might end up disobeying your superiors’ orders. This would result in dire consequences and even if it is not your fault, you might be punishable for the same. 

When we talk about the Humraaz app, this app which is created solely for the army population has many features that separate it from any other app. And, the feature of having individual-specific messages is amazing because you can check out your tasks and everything without the task being problematic. 

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How to download and register on the Hamraaz army APK


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Although the app is fairly simple for you to use, you might get stuck if you don’t know how to operate certain things. Don’t worry, you people work so hard for the country, we must help you with technological stuff. Follow the steps below and it will be easy for you. The steps are:-

Make sure that you have enabled the unknown sources from android settings>security! Enabling this is must in order to install any application outside of playstore!

  • Make sure that downloads from your chrome browser are enabled because there might be problems if it isn’t. 
  • After you have enabled the same, click on the download button or you can go to the official website and download from there. 
  • Now, let it download and then click on the install option. 
  • If you don’t get one, go to your downloads section in your file manager and install the same. 
  • After installation, register yourself with an Aadhaar card and you will be done. 

Hamraaz FAQs

What Is Hamraaz?

This was designed specifically for active soldiers of the Indian Army by the technical team of Army jawans (Adjutant General’s Branch (MP-8)) to inform them about their service as well as pay related information to them via smartphones. This app is not suitable by civilians. The latest version v7.1 was uploaded on the May 2022. It fixes a few bugs discovered earlier.

How To Download Hamraaz Army App?

From Here You Can Very Easily Download Hamraaz Indian Army App Latest Version (Updated).

Final words:-

Being in the Indian army is a privilege and something that one should be proud of. Technology has taken mankind to a whole different level than we were before and we can see the same in many warfare techniques and military equipment. A smartphone is something that almost everyone has regardless of whether he is in the military or not. 

Therefore to have an app that would aid you in the process of being in the military is something very special and handy. Hamraaz army APK file should be a must in every soldier’s smartphone.

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