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FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging app, WhatsApp. It offers additional features and customization options beyond what is available in the original app, such as the ability to hide your online status, use custom themes, and send larger files. Keep Scrolling To Download FMWA Latest Version.

FMWhatsApp APK : Get the latest version of fm whatsapp from here, We have added all the information regarding this amazing whatsapp mod made by fouad mokdad on this page so make sure to read full article until the very end. After a worthwhile of research and scrutinizing, we collected considerable data regarding this WA MOD and we were impressed least to say realizing the impressive the features of this mod. Few of our staff members have been using this Fm Whatsapp Mod App from past 6 months and all of them are have expressed mostly positive feedbacks regarding its workflow. FM WhatsApp is getting famous because they provide many colorful fantastic themes and much more features like theme changing. I will tell you all about those features in this post.

FMWA By Fouad Mods (The Same DEV of Fouad WhatsApp) Is on trend everyone using Fm WhatsApp Apk nowadays. The best WhatsApp MOD is obviously GBWhatsApp but I think in few months this mod Will overtake GbWhatsapp in the number of downloads because FM WhatsApp already crossed 10 Million + downloads FM WhatsApp Mod Apk is giving amazing updates whenever the new version of FM WhatsApp comes we will update the Download Link first So please do not forget to bookmark this page so you can come anytime and check is there any new update of FMWA Apk is available or not.

FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version For Android


What Is FMWhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms that exist on the earth in the present time. Almost everyone is on WhatsApp, and many people out there use it for their personal and business needs. The app even has more than 1 billions of installations across different platforms. FM WhatsApp app is developed by Fouad Mokdad. The Mod version of WhatsApp comes with a lot of improved features for its users. FMWhatsApp application is becoming more popular as people like to use the new features and functions available on this app. Now the question is what’s FMWhatsApp? Well as mentioned earlier it is a whatsapp mod that comes with a bunch of features. Or you can say it is the hacked version of the original Whatsapp app. As a result, the app managed to get rid of all those built-in restrictions and added some of the top features.

Download FM WhatsApp


NameFM WhatsApp
Requires Android4.0 & Above!

The reason being that features available on this mod are far superior to that of present in the default versions. Fm WhatsApp will help you to run Dual Whatsapp account in a single Android device. This WA Mod comes with lots of fantastic features which are not available on the original WhatsApp currently. I you are hesitant at first then a logical way to tackle this is to try it first for a few days and then decide based on first-hand experience.

Fouad Mokdad’s FM WhatsApp Apk Features

The FM WhatsApp Apk brings the combine features of Popular WhatsApp Mods such as GBWhatsApp and YoWhatsApp on your smartphone. The app comes with a built-in app lock feature By this features you can protect your secret chats.

There’s a reason why people use FMWhatsApp instead of other applications like it. The features these app offers are worth trying so you must give them a try before moving on to other applications.

Also, using FMWhatsApp is safe for your mobile number too as it won’t get banned by the official WhatsApp servers. Below we have mentioned some of the best FMWhatsApp features that everyone must know about before downloading this amazing application.

  • THEMES- This is a very common feature of Modded WhatsApp Application almost every mod gives you the option to change the interface of WhatsApp with the help of themes but FM WhatsApp provides different theme from other WhatsApp Mod. Yes you heard it right I almost used every WhatsApp mod and checked all mods themes features and i found Amazing themes those are better than other WhatsApp Mods in Fm WhatsApp APK.

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  • Privacy- One of the biggest drawbacks of Whatsapp is that it lacks quite a lot of privacy settings. However, the FMWA lets you lock down the app without the help of any third party app. In addition to that, you will be able to hide your blue ticks, grey ticks, online status, typing and recording status and so on.

  • Get Rid Of Restrictions – WhatsApp also puts some restriction on media sharing. For instance, you can’t share files which are over 16 MB over WhatsApp. So, to remove all those restrictions and to use WhatsApp to its full potential, there are loads of WhatsApp mods available on the internet.


  • Call Blocker- The latest version of FMWhatsApp Apk also brings Call filter which you can use to block annoying calls. You can filter out the contacts and block them as per your wish.

fm whatsapp


This is the amazing Feature of FMWA Mod you can Pin Unlimited chats very easily in other Mods you cannot do this feature is available on official WhatsApp also but you can only pin 3 chats.

  • Comes with various privacy functions.
  • View contact status without letting them know.
  • Block certain people from calling you on WhatsApp.
  • Use third-party emojis on WhatsApp.
  • Customize the way your WhatsApp interface looks like.
  • Put a PIN or Password lock on specific WhatsApp chats.
  • Works with all types of Android devices.
  • No need to worry about the phone number getting banned.

So those were a couple of top features of the Fm WhatsApp APK. Apart from these features the app has also fixed quite a lot of bugs and focused on making your experience as smooth as possible.

Now let’s talk about the steps that you have to follow to download Fm WhatsApp APK to your Android Device.

FM WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (FMWa)

So, Guys lets see with images that how we can download and start using this WhatsApp mod for Free on our android device.  Simply Download The Apk File From Below Download Button. We have noticed that many websites are providing fmwa apk developed by someone else but we are not doing that we are providing fmwhatsapp apk which is made by the official developer of fmwhatsapp apk! You can very easily downlaod the latest version of FMWA APK from the below link just go to the download page of fmwhatsapp by clicking the download button below in that page you can download fm whatsapp in one click.

Requirements To Use FMWhatsApp App

  • Android Phone
  • FMWhatsApp Apk
  • Internet Connection

These are the simple basic requirements to use FMWa on your android phone if you are ready with mentioned all things. You can install & use FmWhatsapp on your phone if you don’t know how to install FMWa thn scroll down and read the installation guide.

FM WhatsApp

How To Use FMWhatsApp Updated App

Using FMWhatsApp is very similar to the official WhatsApp app. You just need to download FMWhatsApp APK file on your Android devices, install it, register with your mobile number, and you are good to go. The entire process and the app are very similar to the official WhatsApp app.

Remember that you will have to unregister your number from the official WhatsApp app or from any other WhatsApp MOD if you are using FMWhatsApp. We have shared the link to download FMWhatsApp APK latest version 2023, so you can enjoy all the latest features of this application without searching for it anywhere on the internet.

Advantages & Disadvantages of FMWhatsApp

Although there are only advantages of using FMWhatsApp but there are some cons too as this application is developed by independent developers. Also, it is not the official version, so some users might feel sceptical about it but don’t worry as thousands of people are already using this application. Here are some pros and cons of FMWhatsApp for Android:



  • Can be used to enjoy advanced WhatsApp features.
  • No need to submit any personal or banking information.
  • Comes with built-in themes and emojis.
  • Apply privacy features to your account.
  • Download profile pictures and status with a built-in downloader.
  • Message or call anyone without saving their number.


  • No support from the official WhatsApp team.
  • Can be taken down anytime, so a backup is a must.

How To Install FMWhatsApp Apk On Android?

Once you completed the Download Simply go to your Android device settings<security their you will get an option of unknown sources. Simply enable that. If you unable to find that option then please see images below.

Now Once You Enable the Unknown sources Open Fm WhatsApp Apk File. Tap On install the installation process will take some time to wait 30-40 seconds once the installation completed open the Fm WhatsApp App Now, it will ask your phone number. If you want to use 2 WhatsApp account on your same phone then submit your another number here but if you want to use your old WhatsApp account than enter your current WhatsApp number. Once you entered Your WhatsApp number it will send you an OTP for verification. After verification enter you Name & Set your WhatsApp DP (optional) Now you successfully switched from Official WhatsApp to FMWA Fouad now enjoy FmWhatsApp cool & Amazing Features.

Below are some of the screenshots from FmWA apk.

fmwa apk fmwhatsapp update download fmwhatsapp fm whatsapp apk fmwhatsapp

FMWhatsApp Update

Recently Fouad Mokdad released new update of this app where he claims that this time the account won’t get banned he writes 99.9% Ban Protection On his telegram. He also says that if you have been banned previously then Re-Verify your WhatsApp In FMWA via SMS.

Final Words

There are many apps like FMWhatsApp available out there but they are not as good as this app. If you are looking for a stable and working WhatsApp MOD, then you need to try FMWhatsApp Android APK other than any other apps. This app gets updated very frequently, so you can enjoy new features and updates without worrying about anything.

We are looking for FMWhatsApp update 2023, so keep visiting this page to know about it. Also, many websites out there are providing links to do FMWhatsApp APK download latest version but you must be sure of the website you are using. It can be unsafe to download FMWhatsApp v9.65 from random websites on the internet as they may serve harmful files.

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