Hamraaz Download Page!

How to download and register on the Hamraaz army APK:-

Although the app is fairly simple for you to use, you might get stuck if you don’t know how to operate certain things. Don’t worry, you people work so hard for the country, we must help you with technological stuff. Follow the steps below and it will be easy for you. The steps are:-

  • Make sure that downloads from your chrome browser are enabled because there might be problems if it isn’t. 
  • After you have enabled the same, click on the download button or you can go to the official website and download from there. 
  • Now, let it download and then click on the install option. 
  • If you don’t get one, go to your downloads section in your file manager and install the same. 
  • After installation, register yourself with an Aadhaar card and you will be done. 

Download Hamraaz

Download Armaan

Official Website