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Generally, we all have a screen rotation feature inbuilt into our android mobile devices. But it doesn’t always rotate the screen for all apps. Some mobile like Redmi, Oppo and OnePlus does not rotate the home screen even if your device is in automatic rotation mode. Rotation Control Pro Apk enables your smartphone to rotate all apps whether it’s a pre-installed app or a freshly downloaded app.

Change your mobile screen rotation to Landscape or Portrait with eight screen modes and advanced filters. This App is specially made for gamers who want to play games with different screen modes, but they are unable to play as their mobile device does not allow them to rotate the screen. Advanced filters will help you change the screen rotation mode for particular apps with sensors.

What is Rotation Control Pro Apk?

Rotation control pro apk

Rotation Control Pro App is a boon for those who want to change the screen rotation configuration for the home screen or their favourite apps or games. With special settings for each app, you can change rotation settings from portrait to landscape.

You have total of 8 options to change the screen rotation. In landscape mode, you can change the rotation to both sides. Even in portrait mode, you can set the screen rotation to reverse mode very easily.

These special screen rotation settings also change with plugging and unplugging your earphones. Set a command to Rotation Control App to change the screen rotation when the earphone is plugged in and back to normal screen mode when it is unplugged. The screen of your mobile device can rotate on all sides, whether it’s vertical or horizontal.

Many apps or games have a fixed horizontal or vertical portrait screen mode. It does not change even when you change your device screen orientation. Rotation Control Pro Apk is specially made to tackle these common issues.

Features of Rotation Control Pro Apk

 The most accurate and complete review of each Rotation Control Premium Apk is given below! 

Rotation control mod app

Changes the Rotation of your Mobile screen

The primary purpose of the Rotation Control app is to change the screen orientation with movement according to the sensor. Some apps have a fixed screen orientation; for example, the Angry birds game can only be played in landscape mode. But with the Rotation control app now, you can play that in portrait mode too.

Set app rotation individually

Rotation Control Pro Apk enables you to set the screen orientation of each app separately. Whenever you open any app, there will be a Rotation control floating bar available. Change the screen rotation orientation according to your need. There is a sensor mode option which helps you change the rotation of the screen according to time and necessity.

No Ads

Rotation Control Pro app has no ads as it is a premium and modified app. There won’t be any silly or distracting ads to disturb you while using your Smartphone.

Rotation control app

Up to 8 different Screen modes

There are total of 8 screen modes in the Rotation Control mod app: Landscape (normal), Landscape (reverse), Portrait (normal), Portrait (reverse), Portrait (auto), Automatic, Sensor-based Rotation and Earphones settings.

Easy to Use

Rotation Control Pro Apk is a very simple and easy to use application. They have step by step instructions in settings which you can read anytime to get a clear understanding of Rotation Control pro app usage.

Change screen orientation with advanced filters 

The advanced filters are different for each and every app available on your device. Some apps have more unique and different filters, while some have minimalist type filters. These filters help you change the rotation setting of that particular app according to your requirement.


Using your favourite gaming app in your preferrable screen rotation is only possible with Rotation Control Mod apk. In the new Android version, even the home screen doesn’t move with rotation. Many of our mobile themes are not up to date with the screen rotation features that’s where Rotation Control helps you to change the rotation and control it with advanced filters available for the premium app.

0 / 5. Vote count: 0

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