Work Package B: Climate change impacts

Summary Work package B focuses on the future global and regional impacts of climate change on humans and ecosystems under different levels and rates of climate change; it will also examine the impacts avoided by the emissions pathways produced by AVOID Work Package A. It uses existing impacts models, and will develop indicators of impact … Read more

Work Package F: Economic risks of imported impacts

Summary It is well know that different parts of the world are linked together through physical teleconnections, links in the climate system which mean that climate variations in one part of the world can affect many other regions. The almost global extent of the response to an El Nino in the equatorial Pacific Ocean is … Read more

Work Package C: Rates of decarbonisation

Summary Reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in order to avoid dangerous levels of climate change will require the deployment of low-carbon technologies and measures across all world regions, and across all economic sectors within these regions. This area of the AVOID 2 research programme will use a range of models representing the supply and … Read more

Carbon emissions would drop by 12% in UK, If we Go all electric – Study Suggests

Electric Vehicle

The past decade have witnessed a rise in EV sales like never before. With Tesla leading the forefront in electric vehicle innovation and production, many UK And German Companies are also starting to follow the foot steps. Practically, it can save you considerable fuel cash depending on where you live. And now, a research paper … Read more